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There is something mysterious and magical about Amber.

Amber, as a symbol of the Sun, brings happiness, kindness and health to the house, attracts luck, money, optimism and develops intuition.


Proud, classy, strong and lovable are the individuals who understand the nature and appreciate the beauty of Amber. Be bold, be beautiful, be ambitious with Amber.

Embrace the positive power of this exquisite natural jewel of our mother Earth.

Amber can stimulate on many levels. Whether it be physical, mental and sensual, Amber brings energy and joy to you and those around you. Amber is a must have in todays busy and consuming way of life.


The creation of Amber takes us back 30-50 million years to when the area was heavily populated with immense forests of pine trees along the Baltic sea line. When a tree became damaged, the resin would seep out onto the forest floor and then with the movement of the pre-historic glaciers carried to the Baltic Sea. On its journey through time, the resin hardened formed into amber.


The beauty of Amber is that it’s raw, unpredictable and unique in its colour and shape; often with driftwood, seaweed, shells and insects or even air bubbles trapped inside. Such inclusions make the pieces even more rare and valuable.

Baltic Amber is considered to be the best variety of Amber. It occurs irregularly as rounded nodules, drops, grains, and stalactites, weighing up to 200g a piece, weighing more than 1 or 2 kg is rare; the largest lumps recorded are 10 and 20 kg. Baltic Amber is usually of a yellow, honey-like colour, but may occur in many shades from pale yellow to dark brown. White pieces with a yellowish or bony tint are rare, and reddish, bluish and greenish tinted pieces are very rare. Some pieces of Baltic amber are transparent and clear, and others are cloudy and opaque.

Amber becomes electrically charged when subjected to friction. It burns with a bright flame and gives off a pleasant pine fragrance

Amber jewellery has been worn for many centuries, and it continues to be popular today. Personal ornaments made from amber include necklaces, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings, rings, cuff links, and hair ornaments. Amber is used for making devotional objects, such as crucifixes, rosaries and medallions. It serves for making figurines, handles for tableware, ornaments for swords and canes, small utensils and souvenirs, various art and luxury items such as carvings, wall murals and costly reliefs. Through the ages artistic works in amber have been highly prized by royalty and high officials in Egypt, Greece, Rome, France, Germany, Russia and many other countries

According to the Nordic Vikings Amber was the tears of the goddess Freya.

The Chinese believe Amber is the soul of a dead tiger, which is why Amber is a symbol of courage.

Buddhism mentions Amber as one of seven treasures and Buddhists believe that milky Amber can give you unique spiritual forces.

The Egyptians buried it in tombs for the afterlife.

For centuries, receiving Amber as a gift has been considered to bring good luck.

At Love My Baltic Amber we aim to bring an elegant touch of luxury into British living with one of a kind Amber jewellery for the glamorous woman and discerning gentleman.  

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